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Epicurio Team has selected nice wines for this week! We have personally tasted these wines and we recommend you those! Cheers!

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  • From Summer Hassam

    Wine Blogger

    When living in a hot tropical climate such as South East Asia, I find myself drinking lighter style whites as they are refreshing, easy drinking and perfect for sharing. When I look to relaxing with a glass of white or entertain with a poolside BBQ, I like to pull out one that not only is refreshing but also has good balance that will please with or without food. There is one style that I have rediscovered and so glad I did. If you are looking for a change to your everyday Sauvignon Blanc, try a Bordeaux Blanc. Here are a few recommandations.

  • From Summer Hassam

    Wine Blogger

    Zinfandel was often known as the box of cheap, pink ‘White Zin” back in the 80’s. It lined the bottom shelves of grocery stores and was the main crowd pleaser at any house party you went to. However, this grape variety is making a comeback. Winemakers are producing quality Zinfandel that is medium to full-body, bold, spicy and delicious. Try these selected by our sommeliers !

  • From Summer Hassam

    Wine Blogger

    When most think of Bordeaux they conjure images of manicured gardens, luxurious Chateaux, and perfectly positioned vineyards. Even those novice to wine would likely recognise the names of the five First Growths (Lafite, Latour, Mouton, Margaux, Haut-Brion) and associate them with wild decadence. There is more here in Bordeaux though than just fancy parties and hot air. Bordeaux is the largest AOC in France, making some of the country’s most lauded, age-worthy wines as well as highly regarded wines that you don’t have to cellar and wait oh-so-patiently to open.

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