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    Prized for their high acidity, firm tannins and balanced nature, Sangiovese grapes are typically used in the classic Italian Red Wine from the Chianti (kee-Ahn-tee) region. As a result of the Sangiovese grapes, the wine often showcases a glorious ruby red with flashes of bright burnt orange in the glass, commonly associated with aged wines. For a Chianti to be a Chianti, it must be produced in the Chianti region and be made from at least 80% Sangiovese grapes. While most Chiantis are 100% Sangiovese, some winemakers in the region like to blend the Sangiovese with a little Cabernet, Merlot or Syrah to soften the finished wine.

  • From Epicurio Team

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    Wines made of Barbera grapes have aromas of Dark Cherry, Dried Strawberry, Plum, Blackberry and taste both rich and "juicy". Light bodied with bright acidity, it will make a rich or high tannin dish complete like Lasagna! Lasagna is by far one of the most famous Italian Dish! Originated from Naples city, Lasagna is a traditional dish, possibly one of the oldest type of pasta. There are many different types of Lasagna, Vegetarian, seafood, but the classic one is the Tomato Meat sauce with savory cheese! Moreover, it's an easy and fast dish to do for a big crowd and you can keep it in your fridge for a several days!

  • From Epicurio Team

    Wine Blogger

    Mendoza winemaking history is almost as old as Argentina's colonial history itself. The first vines to be planted were in mid-16th century. Located n a high-altitude plateau at the edge of Andes Mountains, Mendoza Region produced 70% of the country's annual production of fine wines. Altitude is one of the most important characteristics of Mendoza terroir, the ship of vineyard land that runs along the base of the andes lies between 2000ft and 3900ft above see level that moderates the hot/dry climate and often gives highly structured wines with firm tannins, that have distinct minerality. Mendoza is also well-known to be the home of New World's Malbec.

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It might surprise you to know that Sangiovese is actually quite scarce outside of Italy. In terms of world plantings, Sangiovese is less abundant than even little-known Mourvedre.

The Sangiovese grape is a bit of a chameleon; easily altering its genetics to fit the environment. There are many different mutations of the variety all over Italy, which results in very different tasting wines. From the delicate floral strawberry aromas of

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