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About Us

The Epicurio idea…

Epicurio is a social Wine & Spirits Marketplace based in Singapore.

The idea emerged in 2012, when Clément Hochart and his friends, wine enthusiasts, were using Evernote to remember all the great wines they were drinking.

Found of technology, innovation and entrepreneurship Clément decided to think about an App for wine lovers that really help them from A to Z. Then started the journey of Epicurio team to build a first IOS beta version.

Where to launch it?

The friends’ project was becoming more and more business-oriented so we had to find a suitable market. We were looking at an Asian city with a large number of wine enthusiasts together with a wide range of wines & spirits available. Singapore & Hong Kong appeared to be the best city fulfilling these criteria. We incorporated Epicurio in Singapore at the beginning of 2014.

Further Development of Epicurio

Starting from its incorporation in Singapore, Epicurio team has grown faster, integrating now a technical team directed by Nikhil Gupta, co-founder of Epicurio today. 

Today, Epicurio has gone beyond Clément ‘expectations. It is the essential tool for every wine enthusiasts. In the platform, Bloggers share their knowledge (ratings, tasting notes and articles). Wine lovers filter and see recommendation from their friends and experts. It allows them to buy hassle-free on a single platform from a large network of importers below the market price. Finally beginners or connoisseurs remember the wines they have tasted by scanning the label of the bottle and entering theirs ratings. All their friends get notified! Cheers!

What Epicurio brings to its community?

  • Follow your friends, bloggers, journalists and wine shop to stay updated.
  • Benefits from ratings, comments and recommendations from the entire community.
  • Buy hassle-free from a wide selection of boutique wines & spirits and from a large network of importers.
  • Get delivered for free for your orders above $50 .
  • Remember all the wines you have tasted, rated, loved and bought.

Coming Soon

A new Android and IOS mobile app version is currently under development.