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Need Wine? Epicurio has got you covered.

Epicurio, the Fastest Growing Wine & Spirits Social Community App in Asia, has launched its 1 Hour Express Delivery, where customers can now pick from over 370 different Wines &
Spirits and have them delivered in just 1 hour.

The service will be available from 10am – 8pm, Monday to Saturday. All bottles are offered at the best price guaranteed, with a fixed $20 delivery fee regardless of the number of bottles purchased.


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Epicurio Launches 1-Hour Delivery Service

In Singapore, nothing is easier than getting food delivered to your doorstep. With the right apps, you basically can satisfy your cravings within a hour. When it comes to wine, though, things are a little bit different — or at least it was. Epicurio, the fastest-growing wine and spirits social community in Asia, with more than 3,300 wines and spirits available, has just launched a brand new game-changing service: a 1-Hour Express Delivery.

From 10am to 8pm, Monday through Saturday, app users can pick the wine or spirit they are looking for – among 370 references – and have it delivered wherever they want, across the entire island, in one hour. The fixed additional delivery fee is S$20 – no matter how many bottles you order. So you can get ready for unexpected guests, good news celebrations with no fuss or simply get a bottle of Bordeaux to unwind after work.

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Like beauty and style, wine can be very subjective – which is why Clément Hochart launched Epicurio, a dedicated social wine and spirits marketplace to help you in your quest for the perfect glass.

It’s no surprise then that the entrepreneurship started with his immense love for wine. The French native swapped an illustrious career in engineering to pursue his passion for the beverage – a move that surely paid off, judging from the project’s overwhelming success. Today, Epicurio is not only a platform for ordering wine, but also one where wine enthusiasts can come together to take notes, rate and comment on their favourites. Though based in Singapore, the mobile app has seen an expansion to four countries in Asia, with a supply of more than 2000 quality wine labels. We sat down with the affable founder to find out about how he overcame entrepreneurial challenges, his future plans for the business, and some of his personal favourites.

By Shatricia Nair | Friday, September 2 2016

EPICURIO in L'Officiel Singapore Article

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Interview of the Epicurio founder

Ladies, if your wine vocabulary has only been limited to Cabernet Sauvignon and Riesling, Epicurio is the one app you need right now. Launched 2012, the social wine and spirits marketplace is the brainchild of the very charming Clément Hochart, whose burning passion for all things wine led him to leave a well-paying career in engineering to start this entrepreneurship. We speak to him about his unusual start-up, his favourite wines and why you should be part of this exciting and rapidly growing community.