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Alvin Goh's Picks for you

Alvin Gho, is a sommelier who was previously working at the oyster bar and Db bistro in Marina Bay. He gently offer some of his time for Epicurio’s customers. He is in charge of picking up for you the 6 bottles part of the discovery box which is new worlds wines and more . Those bottles have been carefully chosen with is knowledge that he acquired through the years.

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2 Bottles S$88

4 Bottles S$168

6 Bottles S$238

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Timmy's Picks for you

Timmy is a wine passionate! He keeps in updating his wine’s knowledge, he loves learning news things and going on field to have more insight about the wine he tastes. He worked on the classic box selection, which involves French, Italian, old worlds wines.

Some example of previous selections

2 Bottles S$158

4 Bottles S$298

6 Bottles S$428

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Nicolas Laurent's Picks for you

Nicolas is a Wine Advisor for private wine lovers and collectors, and he is delighted to advice Epicurio’s customers on some of the greatest wines. He preciously selected 6 bottles for the greatest membership. Inside this box you can discover some Grands Crus. Premiers Crus, and some of the New World best wines!

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2 Bottles S$288

4 Bottles S$568

6 Bottles S$848

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